Tuesday, October 29, 2013

If That's All That Duggan's Opposition Can Come Up With....

This being a Detroit Mayoral election year, dirt and dirty tricks are to be expected.

Considering that Mike Duggan is white, the expectation was for his opposition, namely the Detroit powers that be, would get every scrap of dirt and mud they could throw at him was high.

And the best they could come up with, as breathlessly related by The Detroit Free Press, was: Detroit mayoral hopeful Mike Duggan racks up 10 speeding tickets in 5 years: 'No excuse for it'

Yeah, that was the best scandal they could come up with, an average of two moving violations a year for speeding with none over 10 mph over the limit. All of which I might add he both took responsibility for and paid.

Note that unlike during the Kwame administration, there's no hint of any scandal or any instance where Duggan got out of a speeding ticket by demanding of the cop "Do you know who the (expletive deleted) I am?".

I guess the appointment of an EFM and the bankruptcy has really put a crimp on embezzling city funds and using them for partisan opposition research purposes.

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