Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Call The Wahmbulance - Michigan Muslim Extremists Detained In Egypt

Somehow my give a damn meter just isn't pegging for these guys:

The Detroit Free Press: Father, son with metro Detroit ties held in Egypt

The former president of Islamic American University in Southfield — a controversial leader with the Muslim Brotherhood known for anti-Semitic remarks — and his son are being detained by Egyptian authorities.

Salah Soltan, who used to live in Dearborn, was arrested last week at the airport in Cairo while he was attempting to board a plane for Sudan. He was later charged with attempted murder and inciting others to kill protesters, according to the Daily News in Egypt and other publications.

His son, Mohamed Soltan, 25, was arrested Aug. 25 and charged with six crimes ranging from funding a terrorist organization to membership in an armed militia.

They're now complaining about their conditions of detainmament and that they're just interested in democracy (with only a little anti-semitism on the side).

Let's see if we give a damn about two Muslim Brotherhood supporters and agitators being arrested in Egypt:

Nope, not feeling it.

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