Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Government Shutdown - Now With Some Stupidity From The FTC

Anyone want to explain why the Feds need to shut down their websites during the feared Government Shutdown? It's not like the information contained on the static pages changes during a shutdown or the hamsters powering the Web servers are on furlough.

For example, go to the FTC's site - normally a decent resource of pretty static pages. But today instead of the regular site, instead we get the following bilingual message:
Unfortunately, the Federal Trade Commission is closed due to the government shutdown.

The FTC Premerger Notification Office will be open to accept HSR filings.
Consumers may file FOlA requests, but they will not be processed.
Consumers cannot file complaints or register for Do Not Call.
All public workshops, roundtables, hearings and conferences are postponed until further notice.
We hope to be open soon.

Lamentablemente, la Comisión Federal de Comercio está cerrada debido a la suspensión de actividades y servicios del gobierno.
La Oficina Premerger Notification de la FTC estará abierta y aceptará presentaciones HSR.
Los consumidores pueden presentar peticiones bajo la ley FOIA, pero no se procesarán durante la suspensión.
Los consumidores no pueden presentar quejas ni registrarse en el Registro No Llame.
Todos los talleres, mesas redondas, audiencias y conferencias de carácter público se posponen hasta nuevo aviso.
Esperamos reiniciar pronto nuestras actividades.
Seriously?  You can't leave static pages up and just say interactive features will not beprocessed?

Interestingly enough, not all Fed sites folowed this petulant example.  At least the EPA figured it out, leaving the site intact but only placing a short bilingual message on the top of their home page that says:
The federal government is currently shut down. The EPA website and social media channels will not be updated until the federal government reopens. En la actualidad, el cierre del Gobierno Federal está en vigor.
The DOT also kept their site up with the addition of an English only message (Maybe illegals aren't supposed to drive, so that's why they kept it English only?).

So either the FTC is considered less essential than the EPA and DOT, or they got the brilliant idea that it would be more "Fair" to take down their whole site during a shutdown.

What's the downside to this whole Government Shutdown again?

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