Friday, October 11, 2013

San Fran Trip Day 1 - Chinatown

So We arrived in San Francisco and took a cab from the airport to our hotel.

After checking in we decided to eplore our environs.

The Hotel, The Triton, is located at the gateway to Chinatown, so that was out first trip.

The first thing you'll notice about San Francisco is that it is a pretty walkable city and a very vibrant place - far more so than Detroit (it's also much more expensive).

Chinatown was just bustling with activity.

Indeed the streets were full of stores selling fresh produce, trinkets and various things.

First we stopped for lunch at the Far East cafe for some Dim Sum.

The inside was nicely decorated and the dim sum was very tasty indeed.

Then we started browsing shops.

Given this was San Francisco, I couldn't tell if this was being sold as ironic to the hipsters, or was being sold to conservative tourists or a lone conservative San Fransciscan, or it was for full-on supporters:

Your guess is as good as mine.

After some shopping we headed into a tea store. The store had many interesting teas imported from China and we had a lovely sampling of, and learned about different teas. We purchased some for NAtasha's mom and headed on our way.

So that was a quick trip through Chinatown.


Scott said...

Chinatown! Fighting to suppress extreme envy right now! You know how I am about Chinese cooking - you would have to pry me out of that Dim Sum place!!

Aaron said...


Yes it was incredible, and it wasn't even the best Chinese food we've had so far in San Francisco!