Tuesday, October 15, 2013

San Francisco Trip Day 3

Day 3 started with a lovely breakfast with two of perhaps the nicest people in the world - my godfather and godmother Derek and Ann, who are now also honorary great-god-parents to our kids. They knew my parents from before I was born and they've been great friends with my Dad ever since. A finer couple of people you will simply be hard put to meet.

We went with them into Chinatown and found the famous Golden Gate fortune cookie factory. Its in Ross Alley and was a bit hard to find but very cool once we found it.

The kids got to make their own fortune cookies and helped make others. For $1.00 you could put a custom message in it and take home your own cooto kie, which the kids did. It was quite busy so I didn't get the chance to write "Help! I'm trapped in a Chinese Fortune Cookie Factory!" as a gag gift...next time.

Then we went to another must see location in San Fran - Ghiradelli Square

There are three separate Ghiradelli shops at the square and each one gives out a free sample of chocolate. If you do the rotation right you can keep going around and getting a free square at each ad infinitum or until you finally pass out from chocolate overload.

You can look at some of the original chocolate factory machines still making chocolate as a demonstration only:


After our fill of samples, we bought some chocolate bars as gifts to people at home and took in some sights, including a great view of the bay from the factory square landing.

In the bay was the ship that was used in the movie Mutiny on the Bounty:

After that we walked to the theater district and the Orpheus Theater. On the way we went through some pretty seedy areas, including seeing a street craps game and tons of homeless people, including many that were passed out mid-day, which was educational so to speak, but we made it there without any incidents.

We had pre-bought tickets for the Orpheum theater so the kids could watch a live show of their favorite TV Show - Mythbusters.

The live show was cool beyond words, and included stunts, tricks and live demonstrations of science including suspending Adam from the theater ceiling from the friction of two interlaced phone books alone.

The kids loved seeing Adam and Jamie live and it was a fantastic show.

Then we headed back to the hotel to change and prepare for the event which was the reason we had come to San Francisco.

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