Friday, October 11, 2013

Far Travels To See The Family

We've taken a trip to about the farthest away you can get in the continental United States from Detroit for an important and happy family gathering.

DTW to SFO, courtesy of a Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300.

We've arrived safely after a very good flight. Trip report to follow.

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Scott said...

Oh man - we did a similar trip a few years ago, DTW to LAX. Headwinds all the way, and a rambunctious kid in the seat in front of me bouncing his head against the seatback. The curse of being 6'-3" is that my knees were pressed into that seatback. 5 hours worth of thump thump thump.

I think his mom realized what was happening because she exerted herself to arrest the bouncing as much as she could, for which I was grateful.

SFO has a lot of great stuff to see and do, despite the loony-toons that run the place. Have a great time!