Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dive 243 Union Lake To The A-Aron Boat

Quite a group of us showed up this morning to dive Union Lake.

Brandon, Chad and Fred showed up with scooters. The Jeff, Nate and me, the three of us without scooters kicked the dive off on fins before the scooters got in the water.

The water is getting colder. Here's a shot of the gauge showing 59 degrees at 30 feet, 19 minutes into the dive. At 44 feet, it read 56 degrees.

On the way to the boat I found a golf ball:

Just Dive It.

So we kicked out to the north boat, which is a pretty distant swim, and found it had been renamed:

Where did the A-Aron variation in spelling come from you ask? From here:

So here I am by the newly named A-Aron boat:

Here's Jeff and Nate at the boat:

We then kicked over to the pontoon boat and did some drills including out of air drills and valve drills and then headed back in.

After 67 minutes, at the end of the dive, you could say we were getting tired.

A darn good dive.

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