Monday, October 07, 2013

The Shutdown Stops Some Things, But Not The Fugly Money

After delays due to numerous production problems, including delays due to printers being made physically sick by looking at them (Ok, that likely didn't happen, but it should have), the ugly new $100 bills will start being rolled out tomorrow:

The Detroit News: New $100 bills start circulating Tuesday

 And Fugly They Are:

The only thing missing is a little plaid to go with those stripes.

Interestingly, the bills come complete with the signature of that notable reluctant tax payer, Tim Geithner, rather than the current Treasury secretary.  This feature is because of the numerous delays involved in rolling out the new notes, which were originally planned to be released in 2011.

You current $100 notes are still perfectly valid.  Do not believe any dumb rumors about them being recalled.  The new notes will gradually replace existing notes in circulation as they funnel through the financial system.

Enjoy the aesthetic decline of our paper money in these benighted times.


Keads said...

Uuggh! That is a ugly c note!

Aaron said...

Yep, I starting to believe its all a secret plan to help stimulate the economy by getting people to spend the notes as quickly as possible so they can get the ugliness as far away from themselves as possible.

Expatriate Owl said...

What hath Gresham wrought?