Friday, November 01, 2013

All Hallow's Raining Eve

Ok, who dressed up as Noah last night?

It rained and did not stop raining in the area during the entire trick or treat operation.

We had a bunch of kids trick or treating together, ours, some neighbors and some friends from outside the sub that wanted to come with us. The rain did not dissuade the kids however, as the rain was but a tolerable discomfort that didn't slow them down in the least in their quest for candy.

It did lead, however, to a very, very, wet dog:

Jett had a grand time, chasing after the kids whenever they went ahead of him running towards the next house, leaping from puddle to puddle and otherwise keeping an eye on things.

After 2 hours of systematically cleaning the neighborhood out of its candy, they returned home to dry off and they then had quite a haul to go through.

This is only some of it:

Next they carefully sorted their candy: Some they kept for themselves, some they set aside for Operation Gratitude, and the rest went to the Halloween fairy.

The Halloween fairy is a seldom seen mythical sprite. When candy is left on the porch in its originally collected pillowcases, she comes and exchanges the candy for a small gift item that she puts in the same pillowcase. This both saves on dental bills and cuts down on kids eating way too much sugar.

While the kids dried off, the adults chatted and had some warm witches brew. Thence the kids went to bed and found their Halloween fairy gifts outside the next morning. She gave them each a necklace with a favorite animal pendant on it, which both kids thought was a great exchange for the candy they had given up.

Halloween 2013 was a success, regardless of the constant rain. None of the kids complained about the rain and toughed it out until their candy bags were full, and if anything they had plenty of fun running through the puddles from house to house. A great time indeed.

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Murphy's Law said...

"Halloween Fairy"...nice one.

Poor wet Jett.