Monday, November 11, 2013

Shooting of Black Girl In Dearborn Not A Trayvon Martin Repeat

So far the circumstances are confused, but the death of 19-year-old Renisha McBride is not a Trayvon Martin repeat even as the usual suspects wish to make it so.  However, we again get the racial perfect storm as the dead 19-year old is black and the shooter is white.

The Detroit Free Press: Renisha McBride funeral mourns 'tragedy that didn't have to happen'; shooter 'torn up'

 Apparently, Ms. McBride, who totalled two prior cars, was in an auto accident and went to the homeowners house allegedly for help according to her family. The homeowner thought his house was being broken into, and she got shot in the face at or in the doorway at 3:30-4:00 in the morning.

No other facts are out yet and this whole things seems far more tragedy than Trayvon.

Also, it's looking like this will be a manslaughter case and the defense won't be able to raise self-defense as a defense.  Why is that you ask?

Because according to police the homeowner stated that he fired his shotgun accidentally:
Police said the man, who has not been named, told investigators he accidentally discharged his 12-gauge shotgun.
If he made that statement, then he's toast in Michigan at least as far as self-defense goes.  Self-defense is an affirmative defense, i.e. you did it on purpose.  Stating it was an accidental shooting removes that defense.

It is likely more facts will emerge and we'll find out more about what actually happened that night.

The usual suspects of Al Sharpton and John Conyers et. al.,  however, aren't waiting but comparing this to the Trayvon Martin case and claiming stand your ground laws precipitated the incident.
Conyers said today: “The shooting death of Renisha McBride has left the Detroit area hurt and asking many questions about how an unarmed 19-year-old young woman, reportedly seeking assistance in the middle of the night, could so tragically lose her life.
“There has been discussion about the impact of Michigan’s controversial “stand your ground” laws and whether they contributed to this incident. I have long opposed laws of this nature. I am confident that Wayne County prosecutors and law enforcement will conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that justice is served for Renisha’s family.”
Look, stand your ground laws aren't involved here Conyers, you twit.  So far you're the only one having a "discussion" about them under the circumstances.  He's in his home and still wouldn't have to retreat even if there was no Michigan "stand your ground" law.

The Michigan "No Need To Retreat If You're In A Place You're Legally Allowed To Be While Doing Only Legal Things And Not Acting As The Aggressor" (The more proper name for our "Stand Your Ground" law) does not and cannot apply. Quit grandstanding and dancing in the blood of what is looking like a tragic confused and mistaken situation. Idiot.

 If it turns out this was an accidental shooting, or should that accident statement prove to be false, then if he was not reasonable in his belief that his home was being invaded, again the no retreat law will still not provide any protection whatsoever.

You will note however that none of the other multiple fatal  shootings of black people that occurred in Detroit over the very same week was protested by Conyers, or Sharpton.  Funny that.

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Murphy's Law said...

John Conyers is senile and as far as the rest of the protesters go, it's apparently only unacceptable for blacks to be shot by a white person. When blacks are shot by other blacks in Detroit, it's just "Ho-hum, business as usual".