Sunday, November 24, 2013

10th Birthday Party A Mad Success

 The party started with Minions:

And then the Mad Scientist arrived and began to setup for the show:

Then a gaggle of 18 girls arrived.

The girls played some games while the scientist was setting up the show.

Jett was very well behaved amongst this gaggle and the girls really enjoyed meeting him.

Unfortunately, one of the girls was highly allergic to all dogs, so he got to have a rest in his crate for the rest of the party to avoid any exposure.

Then the show began.

First the scientist demonstrated how some substances could absorb 100 times their weight in water, creating fake snow from granules that expanded when soaked in water.

Then she demonstrated a hydrophobic sand that resisted water, so much so that pushing a match through it resulted in the match staying dry even in a fishbowl of water, which was amazing for the kids to see. Then each kid got a chance to come up and push their finger into the sand and yet stay completely dry.

Then she moved on to fire.

First, some cotton goes up in smoke:

Then a $5 bill (mine!) meets the flames

Talk about a high heat setting while laundering money.

Then she talked about carbonation and mixing acids and bases to create carbon dioxide and even had Abby create a soft drink from citric acid, baking soda, sugar, water, and some pop rocks for flavor.

Next was a plasma ball and how to light up a florescent bulb without plugging it in.

Abby also was invited to touch the ball while sitting on a chair so she wasn't grounded and then shock all her party guests, which was pretty funny to watch as it was a minor shock, less than one you'd get dragging your feet along the carpet, but some of the girls really went overboard on the drama.

After that all the girls were able to make their very own colored slime to take home.

Mad Science put on a fantastic show. It really held the kids interest and was educational at the same time.  It was a perfect presentation for my awesome and adorkable 10 year old.

Then we lit the candles, sang happy birthday and ate the cake.

After the kids left, we cleaned the place up, moved the furniture back to its original locations and went out to dinner at Famous Daves, where Abby got a free kids meal because it was her birthday, and the smoked beef brisket there is simply awesome.

Abby declared it her best birthday ever.

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Murphy's Law said...

So this "Mad Scientist"..she single? Got her phone number?