Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Michigan's Senate Bill 610 Legalizing SBRs and SBSs Heading For A Vote

Michigan may be moving forward in enhancing our civil rights shortly.

Michigan, being a blue state has quite a few silly and restrictive gun laws. Even with the public perception that Michigan is solely populated by gun-tottin' rednecks, there's always been an elitist (if not indeed racist) streak that has held the common person here shouldn't be able to own or carry guns, or certain guns, or ugly guns, or scary guns.  But, we've come along way and we still keep moving to get parity with all the other free states in our nation.

 I noted back in October that SB 610 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee.

 Now it is coming up for a vote in front of the full Senate this Thursday, November 14!

 The bill would bring Michigan into accord with the majority of states that citizens of the state may own short barreled rifles and shotguns so long as they comply with federal procedures regarding ownership (fingerprints, $200 tax, background check etc).

So, if you're in Michigan please contact your Senator and ask them politely to vote in favor. Point out that this means that Michigan will be like most states and federal law with all of its background checks and requirements will be in effect.  Mention how there's been a lack of crime committed with legally owned SBRs and SBSs in other states and that will be just as true for Michigan.

If you're not from Michigan but from a state that allows SBRs and SBS, please contact any Michigan senator you choose with a very polite email that even with SBRs/SBSs being legal,  the sky has not fallen in your state.  You may also want to mention and that there's been a distinct lack of crime committed with legally owned SBRs and SBSs in your state and you think Michigan will be no different. The law-abiding people of Michigan thank you.

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