Friday, November 29, 2013

For The Second Night of Hannukah, My True Love Gave To Me....

A case for my Tavor, yipee!

And not just any case.

It's a Bulldog Ultra-Compact Discrete Rifle Case, purchased from Brownells.

Designed to covertly carry a broken down AR15 without screaming "Hey, There's a rifle in here!", it fits the complete Tavor, with mounted Aimpoint PRO Sight nicely.

The soft padded divider also has 2 mag pouches on the side opposite the rifle.

It's a nice soft padded case, perfect for transport of the Tavor without frightening any of the neighbors when loading the car and it makes for an easy package for transporting the rifle.

Thanks Tash!


Murphy's Law said...

Nice! You have a great wife. (Don't tell her that I said that, though.)

Keads said...

Very nice!

Aaron said...

ML: Yep, she's a keeper!

Keads: Thanks!

Unknown said...

Wow, I did a double take at the price, that's a lot less than the one I was looking at.

After the holidays I'll be getting one!

Thanks for the heads up.

Aaron said...


Yes, the case is a keeper and very nicely priced.

It won't close on the Tavor with the Vortex attached, as it is a tiny bit too big, but it just fits the Tavor and Aimpoint and I'm quite pleased with it.