Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some Focus On Treatment For The Mentally Ill Might Help

Instead of the Democrat's losing war on guns and gun owners, it would be nice if they took a moment and worked on treating the mentally ill and by doing so make an effective reduction in mass murders and crime.

After all, earlier this week a Virginia Senator is stabbed by his mentally ill son after being released from the psych ward not because he wasn't mentally ill, bur because they didn't have enough beds.

As a result he's dead and his father badly injured. As usual, there's a lack of help, resources, and focus on the problem until someone gets killed.

Now in Michigan, a tragedy is averted due to only the incompetence of a mentally ill man's plan to blow himself and his entire apartment building up with him:

The Detroit News: Police: Traverse City man tries to blow up apartment building

Police say a Traverse City man tried to blow up his apartment building and told investigators that voices in his head prompted his actions.

Note well, when the voices in your head tell you to do something stupid, don't listen to them, they lie, and it never ends well.

The voices in the head thing is a pretty clear tip-off that yet again, another mentally ill person was trying to engage in mass murder.

However, this will likely not get much more attention as his weapon of choice was a natural gas oven rather than a gun.

Democrats aren't in favor of oven control so this attempt can't be used to further their goals, at least not yet.

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ProudHillbilly said...

What's doubly sad about the Virginia Senator situation is that apparently there were several hospitals around who DID have room for his son.