Sunday, November 17, 2013

To TO And Back

This weekend was rather busy.

First both kids had Girl Scout sleepovers Friday night - Abby at the Cranbrook Science Center and Leah at the Toledo Zoo.

Then Saturday morning after recovering the kids we loaded up the car, dropped off the dog and headed to Toronto for a family function.

It was great seeing everyone, and we all cracked up about the Mayor of Toronto's current train wreck of a personal life.  Kinda sad that even so, he's still better than the majority of precious mayors of Detroit, crack use and all.

A very nice time was had by all, but then late this afternoon we piled back into the car and started driving home.

Right into the high winds and thunderstorms people have been warning about.

Between about London to the border  was massive sheets of rain with sheet lightning large and bright enough to light up the entire landscape as if it was daylight.  Lots of fun driving with massive rain reducing visibility and a crosswind trying to push the car off the road.

We made it home safely despite the winds and rain and are tucked in for the night watching the wind blow and experiencing several power flickers as the night goes on.

Heck, there's even a tornado warning currently for Detroit and environs, though if a tornado did hit the city, you might be hard pressed to tell considering the state of the city even before the tornado hit.  Heck, it might result in some urban beautification.

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