Tuesday, November 26, 2013

And Today's Lesson Is: Don't Play A Thug With A Toy Gun

Once again, if you point a toy gun at police, don't expect them to play along.

The Detroit Free Press: Battle Creek police officer shoots 14-year-old holding fake gun

When you look at the photo of the toy gun at the article, it's quite realistic enough that when the 14 year old, who had been crouching near a store pointed it at him, the officer reacted quite appropriately.

Deputy Chief James Saylor said the boy was shot once when the officer, called to investigate a man with a gun outside a convenience store near the intersection of South Washington Avenue and Grove Street, confronted the teen, who was crouched down outside the store.

The teen was ordered by an officer to show his hands. When he did so, the officer saw that he was holding what appeared to be a large-caliber handgun, police said. The officer fired one shot, which struck the teen, who ran from the scene. Officers chased him and called for medical assistance.

The majority of the comments accompanying the article are what you'd expect form the Freep - ignorant and anti-police with silly statements like the police shot an unarmed kid.

Look people, if you point a realistic looking weapon at someone, you can expect they're going to believe it's real and act accordingly.

Pointing a fake gun at someone armed with a real gun is a way to earn a quick trip to the hospital or your very own Darwin award citation.

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