Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Afternoon With Alton Brown

This afternoon we drove to Midland, Michigan to see Alton Brown of Good Eats, Chopped!, and many other food shows fame live on his Edible Inevitable Tour.

The show was fantastic.

He opened with the song "And The Meat Goes On" and the show got progressively funnier from there.

His list of ten things he's sure he's sire about food was a winner.

AB was funny, informative and even musically inclined. From creating ice cream using a fire extinguisher to making pizza in a Mega Bake Oven (think Easy bake scaled up, and up and up) he created with the heat source being 50 some odd stage lights giving off 1 million lumens of light and over 700 degrees of heat. It made the pizza and fast.

A really great family-friendly show and the kids loved it. If you're a fan of Alton Brown (and if you aren't, you should be) and he comes to your city don't miss the chance to see this show in person.

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