Monday, November 04, 2013

That's Not A Cache Of Firearms.....

I really hope there's something more to the story, such as a concrete demonstration of related criminal activity to cause such a fuss, as the details sure are lacking.

The Detroit Free Press: Cache of guns found at Highland Park home

Authorities say a Michigan State Police bomb squad was called to clear a home in Highland Park where a cache of guns was found.

Police responded this morning in the Detroit enclave.

WDIV-TV reports least 20 guns were removed from the home. The station broadcast video showing police examining guns that were lined up on the ground outside.

WXYZ-TV reports the area around the home was blocked off as the bomb squad responded. No injuries were reported.

Sorry, while its true that Highland Park isn't a particularly nice neighborhood and hence the possessors of the firearms may very well have been up-to-no-goodniks, the mere presence of 20 guns in one place absent something more really isn't something to get worked up about.

Among the friends and acquaintances I have, 20 guns is but a nice start to a collection and not a "cache" by any means.

In addition, 20 guns in one spot certainly is not a reason to get uptight and call a bomb squad fer cryin' out loud. Sheesh.

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Murphy's Law said...

Wish they'd called us instead. You and I could have removed them with much less fuss.