Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Send Him To Detroit!

Vodkapundit notes that the Whitehouse's Chief Technology Officer, Todd Park is very reluctant to testify before Congress about the Obamacare fracas.

 Darrell Issa is eagerly trying to compel his appearance.

So what does the Whitehouse do?  Apparently the solution is get him out of town and to send him to Detroit to "improve" the city's services. 

The Detroit Free Press: White House sends 'Tech Team' to Detroit to help improve city services
The Obama administration has sent a team of five experts in government technology from cities across the U.S. to Detroit on a two-day mission to improve municipal services.
The Obama administration at the time also promised to send its chief technology officer, Todd Park, to Detroit to help analyze and improve city systems. Park has recently become embroiled in Congress’ ongoing investigation into problems surrounding the launch of Healthcare.gov, the administration’s website to enroll people under the Affordable Care Act.
It could have been worse, they might have sent him to Afghanistan to "improve" tech there to get him out of the reach of Issa's subpoena. Being sent to Detroit to avoid testifying is pretty darn similar in terms of conditions and statistically more dangerous.

Even worse for Detroiters, who really have suffered enough already, they're about to get the brain trust that brought us the Obamacare website to work on improving the city's backwards administration and technology processes.  Great.

Thanks to Vodkapundit for the link, and should the Vodkapundit ever be in the Detroit area, whether to track down the elusive Mr. Park or otherwise, let me know and I'll buy you the drink of your choice. 

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ProudHillbilly said...

You have my deepest sympathy. It's not like you don't have disabilities enough up there. :-)

Aaron said...

This kind of help (or the illusion of it so they can get Park out of DC so he doesn't have to answer questions) from dysfunctional DC to even more dysfunctional Detroit we probably don't need.

The phrase "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" sure doesn't bring the warm fuzzies with the level of incompetence in both governments, in fact, it's downright chilling.