Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Maybe Obamacare's Failure Is Just The Democrat's Strategy For 2014?

One should generally not attribute to malice that which can be attributed to stupidity.  When you're talking about the Obamacare fiasco, there's a ton of stupidity to go around.

Instapundit monitors this train-wreck that is leading to millions of people having their health insurance cancelled and their rates increased for inferior Obama-approved plans. Each bit of news he finds is even worst than the last.

Can the Democrats and Obama, heralded by the media as being so very, very smart have made this many incompetent and negligent mistakes? Probably.

On the other hand, it may be the most brilliant rope-a-dope in history - The Democrats create a government-dominated and implemented system designed to fail, then blame the free market and Republicans for it's failure. 

After all, Democrats have always been wanting government-run and paid healthcare, not this hybrid dog's breakfast that is Obamacare.

So Obama and the Dems can campaign in 2014 that they need to retake the House because, due solely to the Republican's intransigence and greedy insurance companies of course, Obamacare has failed to deliver. After all, it can't be the Dmeocrat's or the government's fault.

Since it is the Republican's and insurance companies' fault for all this misery, the only cure for this (in reality government-caused) fiasco is more government control and a move to their fabled single-payer system of government healthcare, which will make everything all better.

To do that of course they need to take the house and dominate both the legislative and executive branches to get their agenda run through so we can see what's in it.

With their lapdog journo-listers running the media narrative and selling the Democrat's line, they just might pull it off too.  After all as Democrat California Governor Jerry Brown stated recently: "Government can best solve the problems it first created itself."

Nah, they really can't be that cunning, now can they?  Let's just chalk it up to some of the most incredible displays of governmental incompetence extant and move on.

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