Friday, November 01, 2013

Play Stupid Games, Like Pointing A Fake Gun At A Cop, Win A Very Predictable Stupid Prize

Some people's lives are lived only to be an example to others of what not to do:

The Detroit Free Press: FBI to investigate shooting of Calif. 13-year-old

Basically the kid, Andy Lopez was walking around with the air rifle that was shaped like an AK-47 and when sheriffs responded to the report of someone walking around with a gun pointed it at them and failed to drop it after being told to do so.

This resulted in his being hit with 7 rounds and rapidly earning a Darwin Award.

Due to the family uproar, and of course insinuations regarding race, the FBI has been called into investigate.

FBI spokesman Paul Lee said he did not know why his agency decided to get involved or whether local authorities had requested its help.

Could be because of the noise of the crowds:

More than 100 angry middle and high school students walked to City Hall on Friday, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported. Hundreds of people protested earlier in the week.

City police and the Sonoma County district attorney's office are also investigating.

From the reports it certainly looks like a justified shooting that will be tempered by the Democrats pandering to certain racial interest groups.

Of course, one could argue that the Sheriffs should have known that AK-47s and even semi-automatic AK-47 look-alikes are banned in California and therefore the kid couldn't have been carrying a real gun so they shouldn't have shot him, right?

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.45ACP+P said...

Since I first heard about this story, I have to wonder how much the anti gun sentiment in California plays into this. All guns are bad, no one should be allowed guns, only bad people have guns. Since all carry is banned, the police have no reason to imagine that the kid might not be a threat. In a less anti state the results could well have been different. Oh, well, California THIS is what you wanted, wasn't it?