Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Wayne State University Closes In-Person Classes For 24,000 In The Face Of 40 Pro-Hamas Protestors

In a rather cowardly showing, instead of booting the 40 protestors (many of whom are apparently not students at WSU) off of campus, the powers-that-be decided to have 24,000 WSU student go to remote learning rather than enter the campus area that is being blocked by the Hamas-niks.

The Detroit Free Press: Wayne State University moves to remote classes as encampment protest tensions rise

Progressives certainly give progressive terrorist-loving protesters a lot of leeway, don't they?  

Instead of properly removing the protestors for their multiple violations of WSU policy, not to mention fire safety codes, they have decided to surrender control of their campus to them.

That creates quite an interesting incentive.

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B said...

Guarantee the staff and the professors pushed this. Less (or no) work when it is all online.

Cheaper for the university too.