Monday, May 20, 2024

Granulocumulus Interaction Strikes Again

Most likely the President of Iran's helicopter had an encounter with a Granulocumulus cloud.

AP: Iran’s president killed in helicopter crash, election set for next month

Granulocumulus as in mountain hiding in the clouds (Granite+Cumulus).

It's likely this occurrence is what is known as a CFIT, or controlled flight into terrain event. This is where the operator of the craft which is otherwise working fine flies it into the ground. As the helicopter was flying in a mountainous area low visibility in fog, that is the pretty typical scenario for such. Combine it with potential maintenance issues on top of pilot disorientation, and this stuff happens.

On the upside, the "Butcher of Tehran" along with the other members of the Iranian regime onboard the helicopter are those whose deaths should not be mourned by decent folks. Considering they happily killed thousands of their own people, and orchestrated terror campaigns elsewhere including against the USA, the world is far better off without them.


Douglas2 said...

My first assumption too --
. . . but when the coordinates were displayed on an infra-red display showing the wreck, I looked up the topo and assuming the route was reasonably "as the crow flies" between takeoff point and the destination, they would have had to either descend rather sharply after the previous ridge to hit it, or have been going the wrong direction after a sharp turn to the east up the valley that they crashed in.

Old NFO said...

Yep. And good riddance!

juvat said...

I think the Lord greeted him with "Mr. Raisi, you got some serious'splainin to do!"