Thursday, May 23, 2024

Democrat Racism In Detroit's 13th District

In Detroit, the 13th District reliably sends a Democrat off to Congress every time.  It's such a safe seat for Democrats that the Democrat primary determines everything, and there's no point for a Republican to run.

The horrible problem is that the 13th Federal District has the wrong race of Democrat in the seat right now.   Shri Thanendar, while a reliable Democrat suffers from a key deficiency - He's not Black.

The Detroit Free Pres:  Detroit learned all the wrong lessons from Shri Thanedar's 2022 win | Opinion

Yep, because Representative Thanendar is Indian and not Black, he's not viewed by the Black Democrats in the city as suitable to represent them.

Racism, much?

Representative Thanendar was elected because in the last primary the Black vote got split among seven Black candidates.  So, the Black powers-that-be in the city decided to be more clever this time and rally around one Black candidate this time to unseat Thanendar.

That decision has now backfired, to much amusement to all but the Black powers-that-be.

The current wailing among the Detroit Democrats is their one great Black hope, Adam Hollier, messed up and was removed from the ballot for hiring a company that screwed him with forged nominating signatures and he completely failed to verify the signatures before turning them in.  

This is shades of the forgery tom-foolery that eliminated Craig and other Republicans from the ballot in the last election, which should have been a warning and a clue to the Hollier campaign to check their nominating petitions.

So, the great Black hope turned out to be a dope.  

The Black Detroit Democrat Apparatchiks are real mad that yet again, the so far shown to be competent Representative Thanendar is most likely going to be re-elected in a walk, just because he's not Black.

Not because he's been anything other than a reliable Democrat member of the House, but simply just because he's not Black.

So now some Black Detroit Democrat Apparatchiks are calling to change the rules of the game by pushing to shift to ranked choice voting in the primary to try and ensure that a Black Democrat is a lock to be elected in the District in the future instead of putting all their eggs in one forged nominating signature list.

You really can't make this up, and it's rather hilarious to watch the wailing and gnashing of teeth occurring because Thanendar is going to be reelected - Just because he's not Black.

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