Friday, May 24, 2024

Et Tu, WSU?

Wayne State University decided to join the pro-Hamas camp-out.

The Detroit News:  Group sets up pro-Palestinian encampment at Wayne State

How much of the group is indeed form the student body and how many are outside terrorist supporters is an interesting question:

WSU Students for Justice in Palestine gathered Thursday night. The group said Mufti Abdul Wahab, executive director and co-founder of the Miftaah Institute in Warren, is scheduled to lead a 1:30 p.m. prayer service at Gullen Mall in front of the university's student center.

A group of protestors Thursday set up an encampment on Wayne State University's campus in Detroit to protest the conflict in Gaza.
"Join us for our first official day of programming and activities at the WSU Liberated Zone!" the group said Friday morning in a Facebook post.

Note of course the de riggeur call fro actual genocide with the "From the River to the Sea" sign prominently featured at the entrance to the "Liberated Zone" - liberated from what one might wonder?


Old NFO said...

They just keep digging!!!

ccm2361 said...

I dont think its a coincidence, that this encampament pops up the day after U of M shuts down thier encampment. Most of these people are not students. They are most likely paid agitators from the Marxist rent a mob