Tuesday, May 21, 2024

It Took University of Michigan Long Enough

The UofM has allowed the pro-Hamas, terrorist-supporting, students to run amok and violate multiple University rules and policies, not to mention openly supporting terrorism, only finally taking down their encampment and blockade today. 

Took them long enough to do so.  They allowed this nonsense to go on for 4 weeks.

The Detroit News:   Police clear UM student group's pro-Palestinian encampment and Police clear UM student group's pro-Palestinian encampment. Whitmer weighs in

The Detroit Free Press: Police remove tent encampment at University of Michigan protesting Israel

Probably their protesting and making noise and vandalism at UofM Board Member's homes in the middle of the night was likely the last straw.

In this case it's really not better late than never.  

The University of Michigan allowed these progressive idiots to disrupt honors convocations, disrupted classes, disrupted students from studying, and more all in clear violation of their own code of conduct and policies without any punishment nor sanction.

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Old NFO said...

A day late and a few million dollars short...