Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The Next Time You Hear

The lying claim from the pro-Hamas folks that the chant "From the River To The Sea"  is not a call for the destruction of Israel, including from such liars as Rashida Tlaib and many other apologists and propagandists for Hamas, you can refer them right to the horse's mouth:

The Detroit News: Iran's supreme leader and proxy militias pray for late president and others dead in helicopter crash

[Hamas leader Ismail] Haniyeh recounted Raisi telling him this year that the Oct. 7 attack was an “earthquake in the heart of the Zionist entity.” In a later meeting with Khamenei, the supreme leader told Haniyeh that the “destruction of the Zionist regime is feasible and, God willing, the day in which Palestine will be created from the sea to river will arrive.”
So yes, next time some progressive claims that  "From the River to the Sea" is a call for peaceful coexistence you can tell them they are full of it.

Note that the funeral also featured the traditional Islamic chants of "Death to Israel and "Death to America".  Lovely folks, really.

Verily, it is said one should only speak good of the dead. 

In the case of Ebrahim Raisi, the Butcher of Tehran, one can certainty say that it is good that he is dead.