Wednesday, July 27, 2022

When is A Recession Not A Recession ?

On the telescreens, almost all figures of production are grossly exaggerated or simply fabricated to indicate an ever-growing economy, even during times when the reality is the opposite.”   G. Orwell, 1984

Nota Bene Democrats, 1984 is not supposed to be a how-to guide, so quit using it as one, dammit.

Then one looks at a dictionary:

Why yes, two consecutive quarters of falling real GDP constitutes a recession after all.

Although I halfway expect the dictionary definition of recession to change shortly in order to  better suit the needs of progressives much as how both racism and female have had their meanings changed recently.


michigan doug said...

Don't forget "vaccines"

Matthew W said...

Liberals are liars and cheaters.
If they don't like something, they cry and change it .

Old NFO said...

Michigan beat me to it.