Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Detroit News Poll Shows Gun Owners In Favor Of Something That Is Already The Law

The Detroit News: Most Michigan Republican voters support restrictions on gun purchases, News poll finds

Yes, the poll finds Michigan gun owners are in favor of something that is already the law in Michigan and indeed the United States:  

About 91% said they support background checks for an individual purchasing a gun

Yes they already support it what is already in place.  Background checks are already the law as an instant background check -- the NICS check which is done for purchases for firearms purchased from any dealer in Michigan (yes, and contrary to popular and wrong belief, even at gun shows or when you go to pickup a firearm you bought online). In addition in Michigan to buy a handgun there's also already a background check even if you buy from a private seller or via your concealed carry permit and you already went through a background check for that.

So gun owners support something that is already the law.  Big news there.

Quite the push poll, but even with that, they still found majority of Republicans were against a ban on "assault weapons" so there's some hope.  That only 57% were against such a ridiculous ban is, however,  an indication that much more education needs to be done among even Republican gun owners, especially those referred to as Fudds.

As to the red flag law support, the devil as always is in the details and the polls are famously short in what exactly the details might be.  Most red flag laws are quite simply awful in terms of lack of appropriate due process as well as the threshold for triggering such, not to mention a lack of penalties for false applications. Red flag laws also tend not to work as all they do is remove the weapons a potential killer has now without interdicting the potential killer and leaving the allegedly dangerous person free to roam and go forth, to acquire other weapons and still go kill people.  Not exactly an effective measure and rather open to abuse and they have already been abused.


B said...

I've always said that if you area danger to others WITH firearms, then you are a danger even without, and should be locked up.

There's lots of ways to damage your fellow citizens without a firearm.
At the end of it, we lock up dangerous dogs and put belligerent bulls behind a fence for a reason. We need to face facts and do the same with humans.

DaveS said...

To "B":

As always - WHO gets to decide that someone should be locked up? You, me, Cindy SuperLiberalGenderConfused ? Soros-supported DA's? A Justice who claims to be unqualified to decide what a woman is?

Being convicted of breaking a law - with ALL of the due process involved - is the threshold for locking people up.

Changing that threshold to locking people up because they ~might~ be dangerous...that's a BIG DEAL. A HUGE DEAL.

Just stop to consider how that might play out - and HAS played out in other countries...

Aaron covers the complexities and dangers of Red Flag laws far more cogently than I ever could.

Matthew W said...

DaveS said...
To "B":

+100 !!!!!

Old NFO said...

Good post, and yes, lots of issues...

pigpen51 said...

Myself, I am opposed to background checks. First, because as we have seen with the recent mass shooters, they don't work. And secondly, the BATFE while by law is supposed to delete the records, has somehow been getting their hands on copies of the information, either by making copies of the form 4473, or just by maintaining a digital copy of when they run a NICS check.
The other problem I have with background checks is that when I one day pass from this world, I have a few guns that I wish to go to my kids. Under a background check system, they would need to have a background check done in order to take position of them. Since there some long guns, the state of Michigan has no record of them. But by forcing my kids to get a background check, they would also have to register the guns, thus also making a de facto list of every single firearm in the nation, in time. And don't think that big government has not thought of that. It is one of the main reasons for their wanting to force law abiding citizens to have to get a background check to get my dad's old bold action rifle, that is older than the hills. So the government knows just how many guns are really in America. Instead of making an estimate.
I hate it when they think that people who either didn't go to college, or only went to college as an adult for enrichment classes, are all knuckledraggers who have no real intelligence, and need the government to do our thinking for us.