Wednesday, July 06, 2022

So How Many Laws Failed In The Highland Park Killings?

The City of Highland Park where the shooting took place bans "Assault Weapons" within the city.

To everyone's (assuming everyone is a progressive who claims gun control laws work) obvious surprise, it didn't work.

Even with the longstanding ban, an "Assault Weapon" (type still unknown) was clearly within the City of Highland Park and used for this attack as the killer just up and ignored the law.   

Clearly an impossibility as the City of Highland Park banned such, right?

The State of Illinois also has a much touted "red flag" law that, given the impressive history of violence and threats from the alleged killer, should have prevented him from having firearms.

To everyone's obvious surprise, it didn't work.  

The killer after threatening to kill people in 2019 had over 16 knives and swords taken from him and then was left free to go forth and purchase a firearm and do some killing.

This is the flaw with red flag laws that conservatives have pointed out time and time again: 

You take away present weapons but leave someone who you clearly believe is a deadly threat free to roam around, acquire other weapons, and commit deadly acts without any follow-up.  

Sounds like a great idea. 

Yet again this is another killer "known to police". 

The killer even released a video in 2021 showing him gunning down people in a parade.  Law enforcement and everyone else did nothing.

Good going there proponents of red flag laws, the laws "worked" exactly as you designed them to do, which is not well at all.

We can also note the 2019 incident led to him getting mental health treatment that likely should have disqualified him from buying firearms as he was a clear danger to himself and others, yet clearly the system let him slip by yet again.

With all this history he was still issued an Illinois Firearms Owners Identity Card and able to buy firearms with no hindrance. 

He then violated Illinois firearm transport laws to carry out his crime. 

He then, of course,  went on to repeatedly violate Illinois' laws against murder and attempted murder.

Big Surprise.

But never fear,  the prosecutor is now promising to charge him with dozens more charges centering around each of the victims.”  

That's going to be super-effective and should really teach him not to kill people in the future, now won't it?


Nuke Road Warrior said...

But will he get "Double Secret Probation"?

Old NFO said...

Give each parent one round and 5 minutes... End of problem.