Wednesday, July 13, 2022

77 Minutes

77 minutes.

That's how long five fully armed and armored police officers were inside the Uvalde School in a hallway outside the door where the killer was located, and yet failed to even try to enter or engage the shooter, or even go as far as to try to open the door, even as shooting was still going on inside the classroom and innocents were dying.

Even after a second series of shots are fired, they wait another half an hour and still do not enter the room - which was unlocked.

Those police officers failed to do anything at all except stand around, check their phones, and apply hand sanitizer - as hand sanitizer is always an important part of any ongoing counter-killer operations.

It took a Border Patrol Tactical team to finally go past them enter and neutralize the a-hole, long after the damage was done.

No, the  police have no duty to protect you.  You sure as heck are on your own, even when police are within arms length or closer and could render aid but choose to not do so.

The tin foil hat crowd should have a field day with this video, in that there's a decent argument to be made that the Democrats in charge of the response may have decided that once the school shooter was in the school, the police might as well be stood down to let him rack up a decent score to increase the horror to push for more gun control?

But, let's not assume malice in the clear face of abject stupidity and complete incompetence. 

It appears the Uvalde School Police Chief totally lost the plot and ordered his police not to engage the killer - even after they were inside, in numbers, and more than well-equipped complete with ballistic shields.  This is contrary to absolutely everything that has been known about how to handle school spree killers since Columbine. He's now saying he didn't know he was in charge when he issued those stand down orders.  The mind doth boggle at that, not to mention the claim that they were delayed by the door being locked when it has been shown the door in fact was not locked.

77 minutes.

77 minutes is nicely outside the "Golden Hour" for trauma care. How many kids bled out or died from what otherwise would have been survivable injuries, or will now suffer form injuries that would have been less severe had the police decided to act as actual police officers?

Uvalde should put to rest, once and for all, the progressive's claims that you don't need a gun to protect yourself because "the police will protect you".  

But it won't. They'll still keep claiming it knowing that it is beyond question an abjectly false statement.  

You're unfortunately very much on your own and waiting passively for police to respond in a life or death situation can no longer be considered a viable option, and it never was.

Those five Uvalde Police officers, and their chief need to, at the very least, resign for their abject failure to do their moral, even as it was not their legal, duty that day.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

A few commentators are questioning how deeply Mexican cartels control police departments in the border towns and how that influenced the Uvalde "police".

B said...

Run 'em out of town.

Seriously. They chose to take the job. Danger comes with it.
It ain't all hassling kids and writing speeding tickets and shooting dogs.

Matthew W said...

"But, let's not assume malice in the clear face of abject stupidity and complete incompetence."

It's not as if that department had already trained for such events........

Their response literally has no answer as to "why".
I'm a mouth breathing, knuckle dragging ,low fore headed caveman and I know what the correct response should have been.
Was a single person responsible for NOT allowing the right thing to be done or was it a group action???

Aaron said...

Well Seasoned Fool: Cartels could have been running the joint (but that's unlikely as they probably would have responded to the event more effectively), but I don;t even cartels would interfere to prevent the interdiction of a school killer.

B: Yep, at a minimum firing them all would be a start. That they should have moved in rapidly and decisively is without question.

Matthew W: Apparently they did indeed have school killer training, they just chose to not act in accordance with their training at all. Looks like a massive failure of leadership and then a complete failure of subordinates to take decisive action after their leaders had clearly demonstrated they had no clue and were making a cascade of insanely bad decisions to hold back and be passive while lives were being lost.

Old NFO said...

You ARE your own first responder, if you want to survive...