Friday, July 08, 2022

How Do You Stop A Violent Firearms-Using Criminal From Violating The Terms Of His Release In Detrorit?

Apparently, you do it by removing the terms of the release bond that he keeps violating, not by incarcerating him for his violations.

Yes, really.  The whole BLM style, woke, no cash bail, no "mass incarceration" crowd has managed to find quite a following in Detroit, where even violent criminals get released to walk the streets on the regular.

The Detroit News: Detroit shooting suspect's releases prompt police cries of judicial leniency

When Teddy Valentino Davis appeared before Wayne County Circuit Judge Michael Hathaway for a May 23 bond violation hearing, the 20-year-old defendant allegedly had breached his bond and tether conditions five times while awaiting trial on a concealed weapons charge.

The judge ensured there wouldn't be another tether violation — by ordering Davis' ankle device removed and releasing the defendant on his own recognizance.

Yep, he keeps violating the terms of his release bond, so instead of putting him in jail for the violation (and thus keeping him off the streets and stopping him from committing more violent crimes), the Judge removed the conditions of the bond and then released him without a bond

Tell me again how we need more gun control laws to stop firearms-related crime when actual criminals with longstanding and active firearms and violence related crimes on their record get released on their own recognizance, free to continue their crime sprees?

Let's note that his most recent violation puts him at the scene of a drive by shooting and he was carrying a gun with casings that matched those left at the shooting scene (yes casings evidence tends to be unreliable but I'd bet dollars to doughnuts the caliber matches and likely his partial prints may be on the casings - so given the GPS match and firearm match held by a felon in possession he was probably involved). Oh, and his GPS tether shows him on location at other shooting scenes.

Again, this is no ordinary citizen, this is a convicted felon, found in possession of a firearm, who has used that firearm in crimes, found with more firearms, been positively located at shooting scenes when shootings were going on, and was seen on social media to brandish firearms and threaten people.

One would think a felon in possession with a history of violence and outstanding threats against identifiable persons would be properly incarcerated.

But no, he's set free to commit more crimes and increase the statistics on "gun violence", because per the ACLU and fellow travellers, the bail system hurts minorities, so it is per their beliefs, better that he be out on the street to go around and shoot minorities such as himself.

Make of that what you will. 

But quite simply, I'd pay no heed to anyone calling for more gun control laws who also advocates the no cash bail and revolving door system for actual criminals to be let free and commit more crimes with and without guns. 

Given they advocate leaving criminals free to roam and commit violent crimes, even as they commit clear crimes with firearms, while at the same time calling for gun bans shows they are fundamentally unserious about dealing with crime, including gun crime, and instead seek disarmament of law-abiding folks leaving them prey for the criminals they keep releasing.

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