Thursday, July 14, 2022

The Skyraider Roars At Selfridge

The Douglas A-1 Skyraider took to the skies at the Selfridge Air Show.

To say it's a big and powerful beast of a prop plane is an understatement.

Even on the tarmac, it exudes an air of power and menace just waiting to be unleashed.

It can certainly could carry a lot of ordnance on its ground attack missions. With 15 external hardpoints with a carrying capacity of 8,000 lb, it could bring a lot of bombs, rockets and other armaments on its missions.

The name of this particular Skyraider is Bad news, and it sure brought bad news to anyone who stood in opposition to its mission on the ground.


The Skyraider was in service from 1946 to the early 80s with reamrkable service in boththe Korean and Vietnam wars. The aircraft also served in the South Vietnamese Air Force, with the French in Algeria and Chad, in the Royal Navy, and even were put into service by the Swedes.

It's 18 cylinder radial engine carried it through the skies rather effortlessly, if loudly.

It put on quite an impressive demonstration.


Glypto Dropem said...

I saw one in action in September 2019 at Worcester airport. It was The Collings Foundation A-1E and sitting next to their puny P-51 Mustang it was enormous. It had a 4 place cockpit so they were taking up 3 passengers at a time. I was sitting inside their B-25 "Tondelayo" with the engines running waiting our turn to take off, and heard the Skyraider roar down the runway for its takeoff.

Aaron said...

Glypto Dropem: It's a big aircraft and has got quite the roar. The 4 place cockpit in a Skyraider sounds neat and it's certainly big enough for one. I hope you had a great ride on the B-25.

Matthew W said...

The Skyraider is the prop version of the A-10 !!

Love'm both !!

Old NFO said...

And that one had 500lb daisy cutters on the wing stations!

Scott said...

Single engine prop driven - your license is good for that one, right?