Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The C-17: When A Lot Of Stuff Absolutley Positively Has To Be Delivered Anywhere, Anytime

When you need a lot of stuff delivered around the globe, you use a C-17.

Selfridge featured a demonstration of the capabilities of the C-17 Globemaster III.

A four-engine transport par excellence, the Globemaster demonstrated a hot takeoff and with a roar of all its engines it up in less than 2,500 feet and climbing.

Turns out its also pretty darn maneuverable for a plane that size.

It made some pretty tight turns and was very photogenic.

It then came in for a landing and demonstrated a minimum distance landing as well.


It came to a stop show center and then taxi'id off the runway, 

Quite an impressive and nimble display for such a large aircraft.

The C-17 can carry 170,900 lbs of cargo and the aircraft has even been known to carry a whale to its destination.

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drjim said...

Used to see them arriving and departing from LGB when I lived in Long Beach. They also have a very distinctive sound.

Ever walk through a C-5? "Flying Office Building" comes to mind....