Saturday, July 02, 2022

Well, Ouch.

Hip had been doing just great up until yesterday.

It had been raining quite hard and my Dad is in town for the Canada Day/Independence Day Weekend and we decided to go to Costco to get his car full of (relatively, and only relatively) cheaper American gas for his trip home, compared to much more expensive Canadian gas he gets at home.

So I go to get in the passenger seat, put my foot on the door-sill to get into the seat.  It was wet and I then did what could be termed a ground loop with a nice sharp rotation of the hip as a result.  Ouch.  Did not actually fall but sure as heck wrenched something in the hip pretty good and I've got a bit of a limp going today as a result.

Great, being active and doing Jitsu with light rolling gives me no hip problems.  

I get messed up by getting into a car of all things.

Well, it's just a reminder that I'm not 100% yet. Recovery takes time so I'll just suck it up and keep at it.


Matthew W said...

Before my back surgery, one of the worst times I hurt myself was.......

Aaron said...

Matthew W: Yep, its amazing how its the little things that cause issue.

An older gentleman I'm friends with (who is in much better shape than me) does pretty extreme stuff - full contact karate sparring, snowboarding, skiing moguls, and competitive weight lifting. Dude is a frickin' inspiration and ripped for any age, much less his own.

He badly hurt himself and threw out his back playing a round of Golf.