Thursday, August 07, 2014

Wafer / McBride Verdict Of Guilty

I was wrong on the mistrial prediction and should have stuck with my original prediction that he was toast based on his statement that he had fired the shotgun accidentally.

He's been found guilty of second degree murder/manslaughter and weapon offenses.

Between that statement and opening the door, he certainly opened himself up regarding his claim of self-defense.

Neither the jury nor individual jurors so far have made any comments about the case, and it would be interesting to hear their thoughts on the matter.

The defense has a lot to appeal on the case, and there's still plenty of questions that have not been answered.

The big take-away from the case is that self-defense is never an accident and that opening a door to the outside of your home is generally not a good idea unless you explain you were trying to escape through it, which didn't happen in this case.

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Murphy's Law said...


And now that he's "guilty", by the time that he gets out of prison, the remaking McBrides will all be living up in h
Is house.