Saturday, August 02, 2014

Kids Home From Camp

This week saw the kids away at sleep-over camp for their first time.

A six-day session at Girl Scout camp, with them at the same location but Abby doing outdoor cooking and Leah doing horseback riding, so they would only see each other at mealtimes when the whole camp came together.

We dropped them off last Sunday, right as it began to rain, which was a bit of a concern as they were staying in heavy canvas tents on raised wooden platforms. After we drove away a massive storm hit our area, causing us more consternation especially as we couldn't get in contact with the camp. It then rained into the next day, and was unseasonably cold up until yesterday.

We shouldn't have worried. The Girl Scouts moved them into cabins for that night and even though their stuff got wet they were fine. They moved back to the tents where their main complaint was the tons of daddy long-leg spiders that swarmed them every night. Other than that they did great, they met friends and did tons of activities except that swimming was cancelled due to the cold weather.

We received a letter in the mail from Abby four days after camp started detailing how much fun she's having and her activities and that Leah was fine too.

So we picked them up yesterday and they had a great time want to go back for more. They met a ton of new friends, learned a lot of camp songs and had great times doing their activities.

It's a good thing we signed them up for the next session. So we're doing laundry, cleaning all their gear and getting them ready for the 4-day session that starts tomorrow afternoon where Abby will be learning outdoor survival skills and Leah will do art explosion. Should be fun.

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