Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Michigan State Fair

We did a late birthday party for Leah at the Michigan State Fair. She invited four friends for a sleep over at the hotel attached to the fair convention center yesterday. They had fun swimming and a pizza party and they slept over with Tash while I went home with Abby and then today we did the fair.

We bought and had them all wear dayglo-green shirts and required them to stick together which made them easy to pick out of a crowd:

After a couple hours doing rides, we headed for the circus:

It was a great circus, with trapeze acts, elephants, clowns and more and the kids loved it.

Then after lunch we headed to the indoor exhibits as it was about to rain.

We saw and the kids got to pet all manner of animals.

The cutest Alpaca:

Cows, lots of cows. There was truly tons of prime, prize-winning beef on the hoof on display.




They got to see that bacon is born, not made:

Then there was a dog show which had dogs running through obstacle courses and clearing high jumps. We also wandered around the exhibit hall where they drank their fill of free chocolate milk courtesy of Kroger, saw a variety of displays and did some hands-on activities.

The State Fair has become a lot nicer since it moved out of Detroit to Novi, and it was well-run and a lot of fun.

It was a great but tiring couple of days, and the kids had a great time. No idea how we're going to top this one.


juvat said...

"No idea how we're going to top this one".

Well, first it's not really necessary to top them, just that you keep doing them. Second, you usually find a way anyhow. Just sayin'

Old NFO said...

Don't try... :-)

Mcgyver said...

Great fun. Love the shirt idea.

Aaron said...

Juvat: Thatnks, we do try and Tash is brilliant at coming up with good birthday celebration ideas.

Old NFO: Surrender is not an option :-).

Mcgyver: Thanks, they actually drew a fair bit of attention at the fair and a lot of people there thought it was a smart idea.