Monday, August 18, 2014

Ground Battle At Thunder Over Michigan

In addition to the airplanes, there were some serious ground reenactors present.
Whenever you get some reenactors together, a battle breaks out. In this case, Americans and Brits vs the Waffen SS.

It all started when a landmine flipped a US jeep, resulting in the driver getting captured by SS troops waiting in ambush.

Hand Hoche Amerikaner!
But then they see whats coming up the road:

Schiesse! Where'd all those troops come from?

Double Schiesse! They've Got tanks! Run Away!

We got 'em on the run boys!
Let's use their guts to grease our treads!
The Germans retreat in the face of the armored assault:

Uh Oh, the Germans have brought up a Hetzer to join the fray.

Rally on der Hetzer!
The engagement becomes general:


The Allies emerged victorious after flanking the Hetzer with their Stuart tanks.

It was an interesting display of World War 2 weaponry and reenactors doing their thing for an appreciative audience.

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