Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Some People Just Like To Golf As The World Burns

President Obama seems downright insistent on continuing his golf vacations as he ignore all world and domestic events around him.

The Hill: Obama heads back to vacation after unexplained DC trip

He flew back and forth from the Vineyard at an estimated cost of 1.1 million for a briefing with Holder, who was with him at the Vinyard.

The question is why did he bother? Perhaps just to go to a party celebrating one an upcoming wedding of one of his media sycophants?

The most unusual deviation from a normal day at the White House was Obama’s dinner Monday night at Sam Kass’s home. The president, joined by deputy chief of staff Anita Breckenridge, spent nearly five hours at the White House chef’s Dupont Circle duplex apartment. It’s possible that the party may have been a celebration of Kass’s impending nuptials to MSNBC host Alex Wagner. The couple announced their engagement last September. But the White House provided no details of the meal.

Then I suppose it was back to the golf course, with a brief pause today for a statement regarding the murder of James Foley by, as labelled by Obama, Al Qaeda's, junior varsity ISIS. While it's appropriate for Obama to comndemn the death of a minor media personality, it's rather curious he did not have any statement after the death of Major General Harold J. Greene, nor attending the general's funeral.

In Obama world, supporters in the media get shout outs and statements condemning their deaths, the military gets ignored.

But hey, he's still got time to get in another round on the links.


Old NFO said...

Yep, he probably made it back in time to get 18 in... sigh

Aaron said...

Yes, he really did go right back to playing golf after the statement. Just amazing.