Saturday, August 16, 2014

Knights In Shining Parachutes - The US Army's Golden Knights

You don't need to fly a plane to wow the crowd at an air show. You can also impress by jumping out of a perfectly good working aircraft.

The US Army's parachute demonstration team, the Golden Knights certainly impressed.

The Knight's Fokker transport at altitude with the door open and ready for paratrooper deployment:

Jumper #1 is out:

Good chute:

And landing dead center of the landing zone for a perfect precision landing.

One was good, so next they decided to double the fun with a tandem jump.

Again a perfect landing right in the center of the landing zone.

Then the rest of the team jumped and did a formation parachute demonstration:

Again, they all landed perfectly in the landing zone in a remarkable display of control and precision.

That was a very impressive display of what a team with nothing more than parachutes, hard training, and a lot of guts can do. A great and thrilling demonstration.

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Old NFO said...

And the mattresses help :-) They couldn't do that with the old T-10s...