Wednesday, August 13, 2014

That "No Boots On The Ground" Thing Sure Didn't Last Long

June 13, 2014 : Obama says he will not send troops to Iraq

August 11, 2013: Obama's Strategy in Iraq: Operation No Boots on the Ground

August 13, 2013: The Hill (via Instapundit): Obama orders more than 100 advisers to Iraq

One can only hope the advisers are bringing their laser-designators with them, as air strikes without spotters on the ground are not nearly as effective.

The "no boots on the ground" statement is one of two things, both of which are revealing. Either it was an empty promise with the famed Obama expiry date from the start to appease his base; or it was a statement that reveals he has no clue what an intervention along with air strikes requires and he's in way over his head on foreign affairs after making pronouncements with no idea what the follow-through involves.

Either way while the intervention in Iraq is the right thing to do, Obama's being dragged kicking and screaming into doing it, and he's begrudgingly doing it in the least effective way possible.

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