Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hamas Violates Ceasefire Number 11

To what should be to no one's surprise by now, Hamas again violated a ceasefire, launching rockets at Israel.

At what point will the rest of the world see through Hamas' charade and get fed up enough to let Israel do what has to be done to defend itself rather than having a myriad of worthless ceasefires that only give Hamas time to rearm and resupply?


Expatriate Owl said...

"The rest of the world," as Rabbi Meir Kahane so famously observed, loves us when we are dead in Auschwitz, but hates us when we are alive in Jerusalem (or elsewhere in the land of Israel). The "rest of the world" has been conditioned to applaud the misfortunes of the Jews.

Only when "the rest of the world" realizes that the Hamas rockets are intended also for them might "the rest of the world" deign to allow Israel to do what it takes to defend its people.

I would be remiss to not acknowledge that many specific INDIVIDUALS from "the rest of the world" hold a tremendous amount of good will towards the Jewish people. For this, I assure such individuals, there is great gratitude. But when the leadership of "the rest of the world" plays with Israel's security, such individuals are, in many respects, irrelevant.

I have now returned from a trip to Israel. I believe that there is a marked increase in the sentiment that Bibi Netanyahu, whose "leadership" has at times been questionable, needs to finish the job.

[As posited by my friend Mark Langfan, did the Allies warn Eva Braun that Hitler's bunker was about to be bombed? And did the British warn the people of Hamburg and Dresden?]

Aaron said...

Expat Owl: You know Mark Langfan as well? Say hello to him for me, he might remember me from an issue in Michigan a year or so ago.

Yes, Netanyahu needs to take the IDF off the leash and get the job done before the world can interpose yet another ceasefire to save and later to be broken by Hamas. Screw the warnings, they've had plenty and instead give 'em some shock and awe until they surrender.