Thursday, August 07, 2014

Interesting Things In The Wafer / McBride Porch Shooting Case

At this point, I'm suspecting a hung jury in the Wafer trial.

However, that doesn't change the multiple interesting things that have occurred during the trial, including one of the prosecutors sweeping both the defense table and the jury with the shotgun, whether as a calculated act of theater or sheer incompetence.

One issue was the judge allowing the prosecution to use in their closing the argument that Renisha McBride was looking for help or just "trying to get home" that night.

There was no evidence introduced at trial that showed, even circumstantially, that she was either seeking help or trying to get home, but the judge allowed this in anyways.

One of the most curious is the sudden amendment of one of the Michigan Criminal Jury Instructions regarding the presumption for self defense Rule 7.16a, which was amended on Monday August 4, apparently on an emergency basis without comment just in time to change the jury instructions in this trial.

It changes an "or" that was very favorable for the defense into an "and" that makes it far less so.

A sheer coincidence on the timing of the change, I'm sure.

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Scott said...

Late word - he is convicted of murder.