Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Jett Kills The Wabbit

Jett got a new toy recently after dog-guest Flag destroyed his favorite.

It's a stuffed rabbit with a squeaker inside.

Well, it was a rabbit.

And it had a lot of stuffing inside.

Well, that toy lasted all of two days.


Murphy's Law said...

Get him a Wubba from Petsmart. Those are fun and they last a while, even for my two.

Aaron said...

ML: Yep, that's probably next on the list to try.

Unknown said...

Want to make him really nutso, get a pair a squeaky toys next time.

Perform a squeakerectomy on one, separate the bellows and the whistle and give him the other toy.

Every once in a while blow thru the whistle you removed, preferably while moving around the house.

My little doggie calls me real bad names when she figures out whats going on.

Home on the Range said...

Barkley could disembowel a Wubba in about 3 minutes. Never seen anything like it. The photos here SO made me smile tonight.

Aaron said...

Jay: SOunds like fun. I may ahve to try that.

Brigid: Jett has chewed the dangly ends off a small Wubba before, leaving only the top, we;ll see how he does with a larger one soon.

Thanks, and glad the pics brought you a smile!