Friday, August 08, 2014

And Another Gaza Ceasefire Bites The Rocket's Exhaust

Hamas violating yet another ceasefire?

Yeah, this is my surprised face.

CNN: Israeli military: Rockets fired from Gaza violate cease-fire

Since that report of two rockets fired, which Wolf Blitzer (CNN/HNN-Idiot) sp helpfully pointed out could just be "isolated rockets", another 33 un-isolated rockets were launched by Hamas at Israel: Israel carries out strikes on Gaza after rocket fire resumes.


Old NFO said...

The Israelis just need to go level it and start over...

Expatriate Owl said...

"The Israelis just need to go level it and start over..."

When we were driving up northward along the Jordan River the other day, the rockets had been coming in (albeit not in our immediate vicinity) for a few hours. Bibi Netanyahu was making some very eloquent statements, but most people around here question his will to actually do the leveling and starting over that needs to be done.