Monday, August 25, 2014

The Swashbuckling Corsair At OCIA

The OCIA Airshow had a special guest fly in at the start of the show:

With it's distinctive gull wing, it's the Chance Vought F4U Corsair.

The Corsair served as both a fighter and fighter-bomber, mainly with the Marines, but also in British, New Zealand, and French service.

With an 11-1 kill ratio against the Japanese, the Corsair helped rule the skies in the Pacific.

Parking was at a premium at OCIA, and space was tight, but no problem F4U, the pilot just folded the wings, taxied into position and then unfolded them.

A great plane to make an appearance at the OCIA Airshow.


Murphy's Law said...

Ah, when I hit the lottery...That's when I buy one of these and fly it every day, just as soon as I re-install six .50 Brownings in the wings.

Aaron said...

Yes, she's a beaut, and would be awesome fully dressed.

Old NFO said...

Very nice! :-) Lots of power there!!!

Robert Fowler said...

The ghost of "Pappy" Boyington smiles.

Back when Black Sheep first came out, I got to meet Col. Boyington. I was a young Marine and he was at the base promoting the show and his book. Grouchy old Bastard, I liked him.

Aaron said...

Old NFO: Yep, it's got power and more to spare. It drew one heckuva crowd.

Robert Fowler: Very cool to have met a legend and hero like that. Every time I see an F4U, I think of both Baa Baa Black Sheep and Col. Boyington's book.