Sunday, August 31, 2014

Europe Wants To Dip Into Gaza - What Could Go Wrong?

Well, lots of things.

Trying to avoid being seen as irrelevant, Europe was to dip into the mess that is Gaza. The Detroit News: Europe seeks role in postwar Gaza

When UN peacekeepers can be detained by Islamic terrorists, its not hard to imagine the same occurring to the European monitors.

Or even worse, considering the historical and current pro-Arab bias of the Europeans, having them "monitoring" the situation raises concerns as to how even handed they will be, if at all.

One can also see the monitors being used as a defensive buffer to prevent Israeli responses to Hamas attacks just as UNIFIL has been used by Hezbollah in Lebanon.

In short, European monitors are just not a good idea, and not a solution to the problem.


Old NFO said...

Let them get stuck into that morass and they'll be screaming for relief in short order...

Aaron said...

Yeah, either that or making it worse.