Monday, August 11, 2014

The P-38 Lightning

A rare sight, the P-38L Lightning "Ruff Stuff" made an appearance at Thunder Over Michigan.

The twin-engine, twin-tailed Lockheed P-38 was one of the more successful fighter designs of World War 2.

With a top speed of 414 mph, and the reliability of twin engines, she made many an American ace, including the top scoring aces Richard Bong, Thomas McGuire, as well as Robin Olds, the last pilot in the ETO flying the P-38 to make ace.

On The ground she was majestic. But in the air, simply awesome....

This is the best shot of the P-38 I took (click to embiggen as they say):

 These ones aren't bad either:

Of the 9,923 P-38s delivered to the US Army Air Force in World War 2, but a handful remain flying today.


juvat said...

Very cool pics, thanks!

Aaron said...

You're welcome, and lots more to come!

This new-to-me camera just plain rocks.