Sunday, August 24, 2014

Oakland County International Airport Open House And Airshow

In between moving stuff from the office, I took a break and headed to the Oakland County International Airport for their annual open house and air show.

Held every year, it's a nice small airshow with some nice aircraft on ground display and a few flying. This year was no exception, and at only $5 for parking with no admission fee, you can't get a better airshow value. It's well run, and fun for all to attend.

The first aircraft you saw as you walked onto the tarmac was this beautiful T-28B Trojan.

Right beside it was a shiny T-6 Texan:

Throughout the day, except during the airshow demonstrations, the flight schools at the airport, both fixed wing and rotary wing were offering rides:

While I didn't take a ride, I did have a very nice chat with a flight instructor from Flight 101, which is having me think lots of student piloting thoughts.....

Lots more pictures soon, and there's still a lot from Thunder over Michigan to post as well.


Old NFO said...

Nice pics, and looks like a good break!

Aaron said...

Thanks, and it was a welcome break from an otherwise hectic day.